“English words are like prisms. Empty, nothing inside, and still they make rainbows.” –   Denis Johnson

 My passion to explore English started during my school days in India. Like any typical Indian school kid, I was compelled to embrace English  for the sake of a bright professional future.  Watching BBC and reading ‘ The Hindu’ were prerequisites for  learning English. Reading a typical 30-40 paged ‘The Hindu’ news paper was a Herculean task in the beginning. But it was just a beginning. Gradually  ‘The Hindu’ became a part and parcel of my daily life.

 I never skipped the popular ‘Know Your English’ (“KYE”) column published in ‘The Hindu’.  In 2007 I started compiling the column in my personal blog www.englishwithsunil.wordpress.com/

  The response and support was overwhelming  and after five years, I began to think about a wider  and independent platform.  The decision to launch such a platform was postponed several times, thanks to my hectic professional schedule!!  I have overcome the hiccups…www.exploreabc.com is now a reality,  thanks to the support of a wonderful team  of logophiles. 

 The website will publish original  articles on a wide variety of topics related to English language. We hope that our readers will enjoy and benefit…..

 We invite you to join our  Facebook club www.facebook.com/exploreabc .Your support and encouragement will keep us motivated.

 Thank you  and happy reading..!!

 Sunil Jose

 (Sunil Jose, a Masters Degree holder in Law, is one of the founders of www.exploreabc.com.  He is currently working as a Senior  Attorney in a Chennai ( India ) based Law Firm).  He is assisted by a group of like minded and enthusiastic logophiles from different parts of the world.

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