What is the meaning of ‘jejune’?

Pronunciation:  The ‘e’ in the first syllable is like the ‘i’ in ‘bit’, ‘fit’ and ‘kit’, and the following syllable is pronounced like the word ‘June’. The stress is on the second syllable. The word is mostly used in formal contexts to show disapproval.

When you say that someone is ‘jejune’, what you mean is that the person is rather childish or unsophisticated. When used with things, the word means uninteresting.

*I’ve been listening to jejune lectures all day.

The word comes from the Latin ‘jejunus’ meaning ‘fasting or hungry’. When it was first used in English, ‘jejune’ meant ‘going without food’.

Source: “The Hindu”   – Know Your English  Column –  Jan 08, 2008


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