‘going stir crazy’

“What does ‘going stir crazy’ mean”?

“Well, my fever has forced me to stay at home. I haven’t stepped out even once in the past five days.”

“And you feel angry because the fever has forced you to stay inside.”

“I feel angry and upset because I have been confined to the house. This forced confinement is making me very restless.”

“You probably feel very anxious. I think I understand what ‘stir crazy’ means now.

Another example, “I promised my sister that I would take care of her kids while she was on tour. But after a week, I was going stir crazy.” *  “I’m told that people who live in really cold places get stir crazy during the winter season.”

Origin: The expression ‘stir crazy’ was a slang term used in prison. The slang word for prison is ‘stir’. Stir crazy was the expression used by inmates to refer to prisoners who had become mentally unbalanced because of their confinement. The expression was used to refer to any kind of confinement. Not just prison.

 Source: ‘Know Your English’ ( The Hindu) – September 04, 2007  


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