“bury your head in the sand”

What happens when you `bury’ or `hide’ your head in the sand? The most obvious thing is that you won’t be able to see anything! If you can’t see anything, you will not know what is happening around you. When a person buries his head in the sand, he tries to run away from his problems; he refuses to even acknowledge that he has any. Instead of tackling the problem, he deliberately ignores it. By turning a blind eye to it, he hopes that somehow the danger or trouble will go away on its own! In other words, he is wishing it away; he doesn’t want to deal with it.

Example: You cannot continue to bury your head in the sand. We need a plan of action.

When an ostrich is in danger and doesn’t want to be detected, it stays low and stretches out its long neck along the ground. People thought the bird was trying to bury its head in the sand – it wasn’t!

Source: ‘Know Your English’ ( The Hindu) -April 30, 2007 


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