What is the meaning of `Red-corner notice’?

What happens when a criminal from India evades arrest and flees to another country? How do we get the person back so that he can stand trial here? In such cases, the country gets in touch with Interpol and asks it to issue a Red-corner notice. If the government knows in which country the criminal is hiding, it asks Interpol to issue the Red-corner notice to that country. A `Red-corner notice’ is an arrest warrant circulated by Interpol on behalf of the government of a particular country. It is a request from one country to another to arrest and deport the wanted individual. In the old days, we had `wanted’ posters. Nowadays, we have Red-corner notices.

Interpol issued a Red-corner notice for the gang leader in 2001.

Source: ‘Know Your English’ ( The Hindu) -April 09, 2007


One thought on “What is the meaning of `Red-corner notice’?

  1. Can someone please help me know the parameters of a red corner notice, how and when is it issued, can the country to whom it is issued refuse to accept it

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