When you refer to an individual as being `cussed’, what you mean is that he is very stubborn; he doesn’t readily agree or cooperate with people.

Pronunciation: The first syllable `cuss’ rhymes with the words `fuss’ and `bus’. The `ed’ that follows sounds like the `ed’ in `wanted’, `hunted’, and `slanted’. The main stress is on the first syllable.

One of the meaning of the word ‘cussed’ is someone who doesn’t help others. The word is probably used to show disapproval.

`Cussed’ is considered rather old fashioned, and is normally used in informal contexts.

Example: Gayathri, my cousin’s daughter, is so cussed that she always does the opposite of what her parents tell her to.

Source: ‘Know Your English’ ( The Hindu) – February 26, 2007


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