Is it OK to say, `It costs very much money’?

No, it isn’t. Normally with verbs like `cost’, `eat’ and `pay’, we generally don’t use `very much’ – especially in affirmative sentences. We cannot say, `I ate very much ice cream’ or `I had to pay very much’. We normally use `a lot’ with these verbs. For example, we say, `I ate a lot of ice cream’, `I had to pay a lot in taxes’, and `The new TV costs a lot’. It is, however, possible to use `very much’ with these verbs in questions.

Examples: Did the new TV cost very much? * Did you have to pay very much as rent?

One can also use `cost’ and `pay’ with `very much’ in negative sentences. For example, it is grammatically acceptable to say, `It doesn’t cost very much’ and `You don’t really have to pay very much.’

Source: ‘Know Your English’ (The Hindu) – February 19, 2007


One thought on “Is it OK to say, `It costs very much money’?

  1. Pl let me know if a collection of these valuable answers/ clarifications are available in the print media.
    If yes, pl let me know the publisher.
    I am 68 and find them useful for myself and for clarifying certain details to my grand children.
    Thank you Hindu and the contributors.

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