`Garrison finish’

Early this year, our one-day team pulled off a couple of sensational victories. When we thought that the match had been lost, someone or the other did something incredible and helped the team win the match. This come-from-behind victory is called `Garrison finish’.

*It was a Garrison finish. Our team scored three goals in the last two minutes.

The expression comes from the world of horse racing. Edward H. Garrison, nicknamed `Snapper’, was a famous American jockey who raced in the late 19th century. He was famous for his spectacular come-from-behind victories. Whenever he participated in a race, Garrison always began by staying at the back of the pack. He made his move (he speeded up his horse) only during the last stretch of the race. Since he always won his races by staying back till the last minute, a come-from-behind victory began to be called `Garrison finish’.

 Source: ‘Know Your English’ (The Hindu) –November 27, 2006.


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