Why is 26 December called `Boxing Day’?

The word `boxing’ has nothing to do with the sport; it has to do with boxes in which you put things. During the Christmas season a lot of people attend church and while they are there, they donate money and other goodies to the poor. The money and gifts are put in a box, and this is called a Christmas box. The boxes are opened by a priest the day after Christmas, and he in turn distributes the contents to the needy. This is why 26 December is called Boxing Day.

Source: The Hindu ‘Know Your English’ Series, December 26, 2005


One thought on “Why is 26 December called `Boxing Day’?

  1. The reason that the December 26th was known as ‘Boxing Day’ was the fact that many centuries ago, the Lord and Lady of the manor/castle/estate gathered together at the manor house, castle etc., the workers including those from the outlying fields, forests and streams, the day after Christmas Day and organised the distribution of the annual necessities, done according to the status of the worker and the size of the family.
    Into boxes and barrels would go supplies of cloth spun by the spinsters, the cobblers leather goods, new tools and supplies of salt and spices. Also dried goods such as meat, fish, vegetables and some fruit and cereals grown on the estate for bread making. This the giving out of such boxes became “Boxing Day”.

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