What is the meaning of `inter alia’?

 First, let’s deal with the pronunciation of `alia’. The `a’ in the first syllable is like the `ay’ in `pay’, `say’, and `day’. The `ia’ is like the `ea’ in `dear’, `fear’ and `near’; the stress is on the first `a’. `Inter alia’ is a Latin expression which is mostly used in formal contexts to mean `among other things’. Like most Latin expressions, it is considered pedantic, and therefore is best avoided.

* Raju is a collector who has, inter alia, 2000 rare stamps, 500 cricket cards and 5000 rare coins.

It is advisable not to use this expression when you are talking about people. For example, do not say, `At the party, there were, inter alia, Shalini, Geetha, and Sampath.’ In such a sentence, use `among other people’ instead.

Sourced from The Hindu ‘Know Your English’ Series, November 7, 2005


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