`Eye candy’ / `ear candy’

`Eye candy’

The expression is used to talk about anything that is pleasing to the eye. It could be a beautiful woman, a handsome man, or a beautiful object.

Examples: ”Many people think that Madhuri is just eye candy. What they don’t realise is that she is one smart cookie”. * ” If I were you, I would buy the basic model. I don’t think it’s worth paying five thousand rupees extra for eye candy.”

`ear candy’

You can use the word to refer to anything you enjoy listening to. It could be your favourite kind of music. It can also be used to refer to a voice or an accent.

Examples:  ”My father thinks that Richard Burton’s voice is ear candy.” * ”The songs by the Beatles are ear candy.” * ”Of late, I have fallen in love with Jamaican English. It’s ear candy.”

Source:  ‘Know Your English’ Series – The Hindu Daily, Sep 26, 2005


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