What is the full form of “OK”?

The only thing that experts are sure of is that “OK” is of American origin. How this word came into use no one is really sure. Several theories abound. According to some people, the Chocktaw tribe of American Indians used it to mean, “It is so”.

Others are of the opinion that a railroad clerk coined this word. It is believed that whenever someone gave Obadiah Kelly a package to be mailed, he put his initials (O.K) on it. What it meant was that the package had been inspected and paid for.

The Hindu- ‘Know Your English’ Series, October 18, 2004

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One thought on “What is the full form of “OK”?

  1. Years back I too have read somewhere the story of Obadiah Kelly. It was believed in those days that when this clerk has put his signatures “O.K.” meant no ‘mistake’. thus O.K. came into use for “All Correct”.

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