drive someone up the wall / Drive someone bonkers

When you say that someone is driving you up the wall, what you mean is that he is driving you crazy. He is irritating or frustrating you.” *All those questions you ask me drive me up the wall.” * “That’s good because they are meant to drive you up the wall. * “Whenever I play tennis with Ramdas, I always lob a lot. It drives him up the wall.” * “I don’t like visiting Kirthi’s house. The mess inside drives me up the wall.”

“It’s also possible to say, the mess inside drives me bonkers.” * All that noise is driving me bonkers. * All this talk about cricket on TV drives me bonkers.” * “My neighbour’s new puppy is driving me bonkers.” “The creature keeps howling all night long.”

The Hindu- ‘Know Your English’ Series, June 28, 2004.


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