‘Home’ preceded by ‘at’ or ‘to’ ?

You usually “arrive home”, you do not “arrive at home”.

Here are a few examples. *The newly appointed manager arrived home at ten o’clock. *As soon as Ganga reached home, she realised that something was wrong. *When Sachin arrived home, he went straight to bed.

Just as you don’t say, “arrive at home”, similarly you don’t say, “go to home”. Instead you say, “go home”.

*The young boy went home and took a nap. *I am going home to watch the game. *If you are planning to go home, can you give me a ride?

The Hindu- ‘Know Your English’ Series, June 14, 2004.


3 thoughts on “‘Home’ preceded by ‘at’ or ‘to’ ?

  1. dear mahesh:

    as you have seen i am compiling it chronological order.Right now i have completed from 2001 till June-2004.

    i am also trying to collect old columns ( pre-2001 columns)

    keep visiting..i am trying hard to work on it on daily basis.

  2. Thanks for such blog.

    I am really thankful..

    If possible, can you please keep updating this blog on daily basis.

    I mean every tuesday we get such updates in the newspaper right? i missed it all this years…

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