“armchair critic”

Armchair critics are individuals who have great deal of theoretical knowledge about a subject, gained mostly from books; they have little or no practical experience. An “armchair critic” is someone who sits in one place (preferably an armchair) and gathers as much information as he can from books. Many of us are nothing more than armchair critics.

*I want to talk to someone who has dealt with this problem, not to some armchair critic.

*The last thing I need right now are the opinions of some armchair critic.

*The armchair critics at the club spent an hour discussing what went wrong in the match.

It is also possible to be an “armchair traveller”. He is someone who learns a lot about a place by reading or hearing about it. And I guess with the advent of television, he could also be someone who gets to know about a place by watching programmes about it.

The Hindu- ‘Know Your English’ Series, May 31, 2004


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