“The inside track”

“When someone has the inside track, he has an advantage over someone because he knows someone. He has connections.

Here’s an example. My boss has the inside track, so the chances are our company will get the contract.”

Ganesh’s boss has a really good opinion of him. Since he’s got the inside track, chances are he will be promoted to Assistant Manager.”

“In our country you need to have the inside track to admit your child in a decent school.”

“I understand it comes from the world of horse racing.” in horse racing, some horses run on the inside and some on the outside. I understand if you have the inside track in a race, you have the shortest distance to run.”

“And since you have a shorter distance to travel you are at an advantage. It is easier to win when you run on the inside track.”

The Hindu- ‘Know Your English’ Series, June 03, 2003


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