“To psych out”

“The expression has several different meanings. One of the meanings of `psych someone out‘ is to try and figure the person out. In other words, to try and understand the person. How his mind works.”

“No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t psych Janaki out.” * “The bowler tried to psych out Tendulkar, but he smashed the next three balls to the fence. * “Don’t try and psych me out. I am an enigma.”

“When you psych out about something, you become very excited about it. You may even lose control over your ability to think.

For example, “when Janani heard that Hrithik Roshan was coming over to her place, she psyched out.” * “When the students came to know that Sachin was to be the chief guest at the Annual Sports Day event, they all psyched out.” * “My father psyched out when he saw last month’s telephone bill.”

S. UPENDRAN, The Hindu – KYE December 25, 2001


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