“Infructuous” is a word that is not used very often by native speakers of English, it is however quite popular among newspaper reporters in India.  

The word means “unprofitable, unfruitful, and ineffective”. 

Pronunciation: The “u” in the second syllable sounds like the “u” in “but”, “cut”, and “hut”. The following “tu” is like the “tue” in “Tuesday”. The final “ous” is like the “ous” in “humourous”, “fabulous”, and “dangerous”. The main stress is on the second syllable.  

Here are a few examples.  *After several infructuous interviews to find a job, Ashwini turned to crime.  *Gauri made an infructuous appeal to the Chairman to retain the services of Arun.  *Sashidhar made several infructuous attempts to steal the Nizam’s diamonds.   

The Hindu – KYE, Tuesday, October 16, 2001 

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2 thoughts on ““infructuous”

  1. Dheeraj:

    i checked the link . it seems to me that these examples appeared in the The Hindu way back in 2001 and the website you refer to (definition-of) is a new site…


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