“Exchange something for something” and “exchange something with someone”

“You don’t exchange something `with’ something. You usually exchange something `for’ something.  

Examples:  “Saritha exchanged her old VCR for a new one.”  “My father is planning to exchange his old scooter for a new one”.  ” The old farmer exchanged his wheat for oil.”   

You `exchange something for something’ and you `exchange something with someone’.”  “In other words, you use `exchange with’ to indicate trading between people, not between things.”   

Examples:   “The two students exchanged coats with each other.”  “Sujatha exchanges books with many of her friends.” “I exchange greetings with Ajit on 1st January. That’s the only time I ring him up.”   

The Hindu – KYE, Tuesday, October 09, 2001 

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